3 & 4 Day Gym Routines – Complete Full-Body Guide

Does this sound familiar to you?

As a beginner, I spent ages going through countless YouTube videos and reddit posts just trying to find out what to do. All I wanted was a comprehensive and concise no-bullshit gym plan. A weekly routine which told me what to do, in what order, and when. I wanted what a personal trainer would prescribe to me.

I searched but could never find anything straightforward. YouTube videos would always send me to websites with plans or courses that would cost like at least 100$. I didn’t have that money and knew the information I needed wasn’t worth that, so I never bought them, I told myself I’d just figure it out.

Fast forward about 6 months of just freestyling and doing whatever at the gym and I realized the importance to a proper structured routine. I decided I’d just finally learn, so I bought a personal trainer course and became a certified trainer!

Zero to hero 🙂 The gains came quick and I was delighted but frustrated. I didn’t just do that course quicker, despite the price tag.

No amount of random barbell curls or sit ups will give you that body you want. There is a bulletproof method that pretty much every personal trainer follows in one form of another.

Alright.. so what are you trying to sell me?

For you, I have everything you need here for just €5. You genuinely won’t find this value anywhere else on the web. For this €5 you will receive two complete workout plans, one is for a 3 day a week plan, and the other is for if you want to go to the gym 4 days. I recommend the 3 day routine as it’s proven to be the most effective for building muscle (the muscle is built on rest days), but if you get a lot of pleasure out of the gym then by all means the 4 day plan will work too, both are provided. Along with the routine, a before & after stretch guide will be provided.

For this price you can also contact my personal email with any questions or concerns you have regarding training 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon about how you’re getting on!

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