Complete Bullet-Proof Gym Routine (s) – 3 & 4 Day Plans!

When I was a beginner I wasted so much time going through YouTube videos and reading articles/reddit posts trying to figure out what to do. All the information was probably there but I was just confused and overwhelmed. I ended up making no progress in the gym for months until I buckled and bought a personal trainer course (certification below)

What I offer you here is a comprehensive guide that I wish was offered to me when I was beginning. Fitness is a path to a happier life but it takes a lot of discipline to walk, so the more streamlined the process is, the better.

Most trainers or fitness websites will charge you hundreds of dollars for the same thing I'm offering you here for just €5.

I guarantee you you'll be getting all you need to build that better you! 🙂

(You will also receive a free before & after stretch routine upon purchase)

A Concise Plan to Gain Muscle or Lose Weight!

No Subscriptions, just a One-Time Payment of €5.


This course is designed for males. It comes with two plans, which you can choose from and customize according to my instructions included in the downloadable file you'll receive upon purchase.

Also, you may email me if you have any questions or require any advice.

All for just a fiver!

I hope to hear from your soon 🙂